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Oh my god. What a weird and eye-opening experience. Maggie told me, literally, every part of my life, past and current. She was terrifyingly accurate. With stuff that I don’t tell anyone, aside from the fact that I only know her online and she only knows what I’ve previously talked to her about (not much) and what’s public domain (not a fraction of what she told me!)

And then there’s the twist. The way Maggie does these readings, she says she likes to get into the shadow side’ of peoples charts. That is all the stuff you’re struggling with, that you’d rather not have anybody know. Except she does. And both the chart and Maggie give ways for you to deal with this stuff, so you’re not working against yourself. She doesn’t sugar coat it (though I’m sure she’d be gentler if you asked her to, I didn’t need that.) I’d rather know in words of one syllable what’s up. And because Maggie's special power is her guidance/counselling, she can find a way of telling you the stuff you might not want to hear, in a way you can digest and act upon.


It was the weirdest, most searching, most effective two hours of therapy that wasn’t therapy, I’ve ever had in my life. I would highly recommend, if you feel like you’ve got stuff in there somewhere you need to sort, that you do the same.

Paul L Arvidson.

I had an astrological birth chart done with Maggie recently, along with a 2-hour session where she talked me through it all, explaining the meanings and potential implications in my life. In the 2-hour session, Maggie shared the meaning of my birth chart, spent time listening to what resonated most with me so she could share what was most relevant, and made suggestions for what I could focus on. I felt really confident in Maggie’s knowledge and insights, and so comfortable talking with her. Two hours seemed like it would be a long time but it flew by and we certainly could have spent even longer since there was so much information to share. 


The information Maggie shared was very insightful and incredibly relevant and accurate about so many things. It also helped me make sense of things about myself and my life that seem contradictory and this is already helping me to feel more comfortable with who I am. 

Maggie also shared suggestions for things I might want to focus on in the coming year and things I could do in order to draw out the strengths of my authentic self and balance out the “shadow” sides of myself. 

Maggie has a very warm, real, and supportive approach so even when we were discussing the “shadow” sides of my birth chart reading it felt like a comfortable and safe space and she reminded me that nothing in the reading is bad, it just is what it is and it gives us insights we can then act upon. 

I really enjoyed the session and got even more out of it than I thought I would. I feel like it’s a very valuable tool as I get to know myself better through a significant period of change, and step towards a new chapter of my life.

Bethan Peach

I met Dr. Maggie through her book “How to Make Sure Your Life Doesn’t Suck.” I’ve started reading it, but haven’t made it all the way through it yet. I discovered enough to feel that she had a unique insight into the world, and when I had the chance to get a birth chart done for me, I jumped at the chance.


I have had little exposure to astrology other than reading horoscopes in the paperback in the day, so I thought this reading would be little more than entertainment. However, I’ve been having a few issues with motivation and direction recently, so I thought maybe I could get a clue or two to help me out.

Well, during our three hour (!) session reviewing my chart, I rapidly changed my mind. I was shocked to realize that it felt like she had been sitting next to me for years, reporting observations on my makeup and reasons for both strengths and challenges that I deal with on a daily basis. All of this from just my input of my birth date/time and location! It was truly astonishing.

I highly recommend taking advantage of Dr. Maggie’s experience, perspective, and insight to more fully understand where you are in your life, how you got there, and how you can change things for the better. I left with ideas for my own improvement and gratitude for such a thorough analysis. A session with Dr. Maggie is a powerful investment in your future.

Ethan McCaffrey

With most things in life, I am simultaneously curious enough to want to know more and skeptical enough to keep the subject matter at arms length in order to understand it.  My interest in astrology has never escaped this treatment, so over the years I have dabbled in it to find out more but have never invested much energy otherwise.


I first found out about Maggie when I discovered her book, and the title of the book alone made me realize that I not only needed to read it but would likely appreciate the humor and insight of the author, and I was not disappointed.  When I found out Maggie did readings I knew I needed to have that experience, to look into this thing called life under the guidance of someone who was both knowledgable and genuine.


The moment the reading began I knew that any skepticism I had could be safely set aside.  Maggie knew so much about me that I may as well have been sitting down with a friend I've known my entire life, and her advice and guidance were just as valuable as if she was my oldest friend.  She has the ability to inform you about yourself in a way that feels like a purposeful point in the right direction and also feels like a hug.


I can't express enough how helpful and kind the reading was while at the same time being a proper kick in the pants and a gentle shove down a path equipped with tools that I will never put down for the rest of my life.

Wm. Brett Hill

Yesterday I had a session with Dr. Maggie during which she read my astrological chart. I had never had my chart read before and it was a new and highly enjoyable experience.


The reading took a good two hours and was very detailed. A lot of information came up having to do with ways in which natural abilities can be developed and put to good use. In my experience there is a turning point in spiritual awakening when the "self help" phase comes to an end and the attention makes a one hundred and eighty degree turn back outward. Now the inner light wants to share itself, and it will find ways of doing so if we just allow it. The reading brought a lot of clarity to the shift, and all the information revealed in the chart was spot on.


The entire session was very easy - even light-hearted, and we both "cracked up" at regular intervals over how fallible we can be as human beings. Maggie is a really fun person to talk with, and her naturalness and lack of pretension is inspiring. The idea that being aware of our true nature is supposed to make us perfect and saintly gets seen for what it is - just another thought that comes and goes. The reading was filled with fun conversation, high spirits and wonderful insights.


I heartily recommend having a reading with Dr. Maggie if you want to know what the stars have to say.

Laurence Homolka

Maggie was recommended to me by someone I hold in the highest regard, so I was expecting nothing less than a high-quality experience. I was not disappointed, my reading far superseded my expectations. I have no words, just ‘WOW’. 


Feeling lost & desperate to heal, Maggie’s reading was like a light, shining affirmative hope on my deep desire to overcome, succeed & serve. Illuminating my own overbearing constrictions, Maggie has shown me that I can break free from these self-perpetuated limitations.


Having been ricocheting around my head & battling with polar opposites within my own psyche, Maggie was able to pull the net out of the murky waters & lay it out neatly on the ground for me to see why & where these inner conflicts are coming from by explaining the key energetic forces at play in my life. 


Maggie touched on many intricacies within my personality, things I already knew about myself yet would never have been able to make sense of alone.  She has provided me with clarity, disentangled my personal kerfuffle & given me permission to accept it as perfect. 


By touching on both my strengths & my weaknesses, Maggie has shown me what to watch out for & where I can transform the shadow aspects of myself into their brightest manifestation.


Besides all this, Maggie highlighted things a therapist had been trying to tell me last summer that I simply hadn’t been able to grasp & didn’t resonate with me but the way Maggie presented them was completely on my page, she spoke my language & was completely in tune.  


I would happily turn to Maggie for guidance in the future, she is a breath of fresh air.

Afterwards, I wondered, with a sky full of such incomprehensible magnificence & majesty how could I ever have overlooked the likelihood that ALL THAT would of course have a powerful bearing on our lives? How could it not?

Helen Fearnley

I had a few wonderful and in depth sessions with Maggie going through my chart with me.

Omg, it’s been so insightful and helpful. It’s unbelievably accurate and so helpful to see the patterns I had already recognised and been able to look at but also the subtleties of things that I haven't always seen and bits that were still hidden in the unconscious.

It’s been such a gift to spend this time with her in such a non judgemental way, just a lovely open hearted sharing and offering of these insights. 

I found Maggie’s insightful and intuitive interpretation of the facts so beautiful.

A lovely and inspiring gift that I will sink into over and over in the next few months.

Gabrielle Preston

As someone who is drawn to astrology but had never had a real reading, I didn’t know what to expect when I sent my birth information to Maggie. What I got was so much more than I expected!


Our Zoom meeting felt like coffee with a friend. Maggie is so easy to talk to and takes time to build rapport with clients. It was all so comfortable and I never felt judged by what came up in my chart, and boy oh boy, did a lot of fun stuff come up! If you’re open-minded and want to learn more about yourself, I highly recommend having a reading done. It gave me aspects of myself to think about, that I am currently struggling with and working through, but it also made me realize how strong and capable I have been, making my way through past experiences too. This self-awareness is so important to me. I took pages of notes and I am excited to read through them again and to use what I learned about myself as journaling prompts.


I loved this experience because not only did I get a reading, I also got guidance from Maggie in applying what J learned to my past and present, as well as an idea of what to consider for the future. My reading was longer than average because there was so much fabulous content to work through, and I think that had we only had an hour, I would have missed a lot of the things that I found so insightful. My reading was incredibly on point and I am so excited to work with Maggie again in the future!

Kelly Kristensen, Editor & Writer

I came across Maggie Gilewicz’s self-help book online and decided to pick it up, even though I never read self-help books. Her practical advice on how to live the best life you can really resonate with me. So, when I discovered she did readings of astrological charts, it made me think. I’m a skeptic on mysticism and anything that I do not consider science-based. But I’m also very curious. Maybe there’s more to astrology than I am willing to admit to.


So, I contacted Maggie and arranged for reading. Several weeks later I spent an intense 2 hours with her reviewing what the charts told her about me. And the 2 hours flew by. I don’t see how she could have done it in less time.


I admit I was more than a little surprised. She described who I was in a way that no one had ever before. This was not a superficial overview that could apply to almost anyone. She revealed details about my emotional state, relationships, career, and personality that she could not possibly have known.


Throughout the session, Maggie was very professional. She didn’t judge me but only revealed what her charts showed. As a transformation coach, she also discussed how I might want to use the information to live life with more ease and sense of fulfilment. I got a lot out of this and am no longer a skeptic.


I highly recommend Maggie’s astrological services to anyone who would like to learn more about themselves.

Willie Handler, Author 

I had the privilege of a birth chart reading by Maggie. I was amazed by the accuracy of her reading and was touched by her positive intention and dedication to the reading of my chart. She came to our session well prepared and totally direct and honest about the reading. In my own awakening process, I find it very helpful to have the reading in order to have a more acute awareness of my personality tendencies. In addition, experiencing a reading with total openness and a non-judgmental space of what is, can be lived as a growth experience as well. I recommend her without any hesitation. 

Julie Cloutier

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