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I remember a time in my life when I was not interested in spirituality mostly because I was quite put off by the language in some of the books I came across. It all sounded very woo-woo to me and I struggled to relate as a person dealing with real challenges and with real life! And yet, from an early age, I have always felt there was more to life than meets the eye and that there was a peace of mind available to all of us regardless of what’s happening in our lives.


Years later, I experienced my first awakening which fundamentally changed the way I see myself and my life. The “knowing” I had at an early age turned out to be true. My humanness didn’t go anywhere. I still deal with challenging situations, my conditioning, my shadowy bits, with life itself but knowing that I am fundamentally whole and OK at any moment despite some turbulent emotional states or challenging circumstances has been a true game changer.

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Years later, I was inspired by a few people who attended my workshops to write this book. Like myself, years earlier, they were not interested in spirituality, or they were (for various reasons) put off by it which is why this book is not about spirituality and there is no spiritual lingo in it. This book is an invitation to see our moods and thoughts in a fundamentally different way, to see that we are all absolutely whole no matter what we’ve been through and that our emotions, moods, and thoughts (no matter how disturbing) do not mean there is anything wrong with us and we don’t have to beat ourselves up, fix or change who we are. To be able to see that, transforms the way we see our lives, other people, and ourselves, and, for many of us, this is plenty! And yet, there’s so much more to discover, to see who we truly are. I see this book as an invitation for anyone who wishes to explore that.


*Please note this is not a book on non-duality


World-renowned coach and best-selling Hay House author.​

Book Reviews


To Dr. Maggie: I don’t know how to begin to tell how much your book has changed my life perspective in just a few hours after reading. It would be an understatement to say my life has been complicated with childhood sexual abuse, emotional abuse, having an autistic husband and son, and dealing with illness, obesity, and poverty. I always try to see the silver lining, but I am a chronic overthinker, always trying to solve every problem (some of them before they even happen.) I call that preventative thinking.


I have been a self-help book junkie through the years (along with a chronic dieter), thinking that the next book and the next book, and even the next book would fix me. Reading your book was like taking a breath of fresh air and suddenly feeling free. I could relate so much to so many of the things you talked about. It allowed me to see life from a new and fresh perspective, realising that I am not broken and I don’t need to be fixed. I especially loved understanding that we don’t necessarily control our thoughts and that I don’t need to give them power. I have already been allowing myself thoughts and just letting them pass without stress, fear, worry or ruminating. Just giving myself permission to feel without the guilt of feeling that feeling or the need to figure out why I have that feeling was HUGE for me.


Your words have meant the world to me. I just want you to know that I appreciate you with all of my heart and thank you for sharing your wisdom and perceptions with the world. I just know that so many people will find the same freedom that I have started to find after they read your book.


I will be reading it again because I am certain that I will gain even more insights the next time with this new perspective and attitude.

D. Ford


Living for today. I cannot express how drastically this book has brightened my future. I recently relocated leaving a nursing job that I really loved. I was so homesick missing my family. Patients and friends . Frantically looking for a decent nursing job in the middle of a pandemic. My mind going in so many directions confused , depressed and angry forgetting why I moved in the first place. This book got me away from my mind chatter . I will find my place in this lovely forest I now live in. I will appreciate life and it made me remember I came here to get back to the nature I love. I now have the knowledge to make the best of today and do the things I love. Thank you, Maggie Gilewicz. I was so anxious and depressed. This book is a lifesaver!



I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate the message in this book. There is none of that excessive, life altering habits and strategies that often only succeed at making you feel worse. But rather a change in perspective. I can already feel the difference in how I talk to people, as well as how I perceive everyday life. This book spoke to me on such a personal level that I had a hard time putting it down until it was finished. If you are feeling stuck, unmotivated, or just unhappy, then please give this book a shot. You'll be absolutely glad you did.




This book is an eye-opener for everyone who is struggling to make sense of the numerous formulaic self-help books that are out there. Dr. Maggie G. keeps pointing to the core message from several angles, so that the reader can find their own way to the well.


It was a relief for me to read that I don't have to change my daily routine in order to feel lighter and happier. Dr. Maggie G. is instead evoking a profound inner experience that has the power to change the way your mind works forever. She is passionate and engaging and it felt like she was talking to me personally. It is not an easy message to convey, because, in a way, it is a familiar subject. So familiar that we don't see it any longer... I appreciate the way Dr. Maggie G. uses straightforward, uncomplicated language that is easy to understand, and that can go very deep if the reader takes their time to let it truly sink in.


I look forward to Dr. Maggie G.'s next book!

Michele C.



Not your usual blah blah blah self-help book.

This isn’t loaded with psycho babble and it’s also not a crystals and airiness self help kind of book. It’s the common sense confirmation of everything you already kind of knew but surprised because surely it couldn’t be that simple. The chapter about the future especially resonated with me.


This is a pretty quick and easy read, minimal effort for maximum effects. I’m truly inspired to live from the inside out.




Wow! What a great book this is. You know when you read a book and think, “I wish I had written this!” Well this is what I thought as I read this. It is super clear, engaging and life transforming. I encourage you, if you don’t want your life to suck, or you just want a better experience in your life, to read it. Thank you Dr. Maggie G. for writing it. Many congratulations on such a fine piece of work that I have no doubt will

 help many people. I will be buying more copies to give to my clients :))




A must read.

Buy this book! Stop looking elsewhere for a book to help you, there is no such thing, instead buy this book, a book that gives you the strength not to be afraid anymore of your thoughts. Buy this book and spend the rest of your life being true to yourself and not somebody else’s views.

I loved this book, it spoke to me in many ways, it was as if Maggie had been reading my mind, she answered my questions and opened the door to finally realising the truth of it all. To think for myself without having to worry about the silly little thoughts causing problems in my mind.

If you are ready to take back your life, to be as one with your thoughts and no.longer be afraid, this book is for you.

Ric Temple

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