Before you book your reading, first please read about MY APPROACH and make sure you know the time of your birth (preferably from your birth certificate). I will not be able to analyse your birth chart without your time of birth. Enter your details when you book and pay for your reading.


To book your reading, contact me first using the contact form we will arrange your reading session time via e-mail, you then return to this page to pay and secure your appointment.

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Birth Chart Reading

The IN-DEPTH - Birth Chart Reading invites a detailed exploration of who you are and your relationship with yourself, others, and life itself. It’s an amazing opportunity to gain new insights and discover who you truly are. Choose from either a 2-hour or 3-hours option. The 3-hour option includes a Year Ahead reading. 

Birth Chart Reading

The YEAR AHEAD - Birth Chart Reading is an opportunity to look at your birth chart for the upcoming year. We examine the planetary transits for the next twelve months and explore what areas of your life are highlighted in your birth chart as being significant and worthy of paying attention to. The year ahead birth chart reading reveals how these transits may affect these areas of your life, and we discuss how you can navigate these influences with more ease. The Year Ahead Birth Chart Reading is a great option to book around the time of New Year or at the start of your solar year, which starts each year on your birthday. The session lasts for one hour.

for Returning Clients

One-on-one sessions are for returning clients, they are for those who have either already had an IN-DEPTH - Birth Chart Reading and want to explore more; or for clients who had a YEAR AHEAD - Birth Chart Reading and are returning for another year's reading.


You may choose from either a 1or 2--hour session.

  • For returning YEAR AHEAD - Birth Chart Readings book an hour session.

  • For returning IN-DEPTH - Birth Chart Readings book either 1 or 2 hours session. 


If you are NOT interested in having your birth chart read but you’re looking for a one-on-one consultation with me, then this option is for you. I offer these sessions for anyone who needs some guidance and/or support on their spiritual journey. Select from 1, 2, or 3-hour options.

Please, book your preferred option below.