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Before you book your Birth Chart Reading, first please read about MY APPROACH and make sure you know the time of your birth (preferably from your birth certificate). I will not be able to analyse your birth chart without your time of birth. Enter your details when you book and pay for your reading.


To book your Birth Chart Reading or a One-On-One Session, please pick your preferred option below and after you have made payment, use the contact form to arrange your appointment.

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An In-Depth Birth Chart Reading

An in-depth Birth Chart reading is a fantastic option for you if:

  • you wish to understand your life, yourself and your challenges in a deeper way

  • you need guidance on how to navigate challenging situations/circumstances 

  • you are interested in uncovering conditioned and often unconscious behavioural/thinking patterns and in seeing how they manifest and how they affect you, your life and your relationships

  • you wish to explore your innate gifts and talents 

  • you wish to explore and talk about your life path/direction 

Forecast Reading

The Forecast is an overview of the most important planetary transits affecting you right now and in the near future. We will look at:

  • the areas of your life where these transits take place

  • the opportunities and challenges these transits might bring

  • how these transits might affect you and your life 

  • how you can “work” with these transits and how best to navigate them

Inquiry & Guidance One-On-One Session

Inquiry & Guidance One-On-One sessions are available if you wish to:

  • spend more time exploring your Birth Chart after your in-depth Birth Chart reading session

  • if you wish to talk things through and receive guidance on topics discussed during the in-depth Birth Chart reading

  • if you wish to go deeper and explore who you are beyond your Birth Chart  


If you didn’t have a Birth Chart reading, the Inquiry & Guidance One-On-One Session sessions are for you if:

  • you need support on your spiritual journey

  • you are seeking and experiencing confusion

  • you need support and guidance post-awakening 

  • you wish to explore areas where you are experiencing struggle or suffering 

Please, book your preferred option below. 

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