About Me...

My name is Maggie, aka Dr. Maggie G. (mainly because most people have trouble pronouncing my last name, and I don’t blame them). I’m an Astrologer and Transformative Coach. I’m also a Sociologist and Author of the book “How To Make Sure Your Life Doesn’t Suck: A Different Kind Of Guide To Navigating The Ups And Downs Of Life.” 


Astrology is a great passion of mine, and a birth chart reading is an amazing tool through which I help my clients discover who they truly are and what they are called to do in life. We explore their gifts and talents and anything that shows up in the birth chart reading that prevents them from living a happy and fulfilling life.


As a Transformative Coach, I also help my clients make sense of the information revealed by their birth charts and assist them in navigating through any challenging aspects. I am particularly passionate about exploring how our conditioning and shadowy parts show up in our lives. It is not about fixing these parts, and it’s not about self-improvement. It is about exploring these aspects of ourselves with curiosity, non-judgment, and compassion because it’s this very exploration that allows us to fully embrace (without any shame or guilt) our humanness while at the same time helping us to discover who we indeed are.  

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My Approach...

Birth chart analysis is a beautiful way to learn about ourselves. Whether we seek confirmation or need help discovering our purpose or highlighting our innate gifts and talents, a birth chart reading clearly shows us our natural capabilities and interests. The analysis shows us the qualities we find attractive in other people and what matters to us regarding relationships, money, career, and life. It tells us what areas will be playing a significant role throughout our lives and so much more. 


I believe that every one of us is meant to feel fulfilled, enjoy life, and experience peace, yet more often than not, we don’t feel this to be the case. 


Instead, we deal with all kinds of challenges. Challenges that are both internal and external. We feel insecure. We have doubts. We struggle in our relationships or our careers. And even when we seem to have achieved all that we wanted to achieve, there is still this lingering feeling that something is missing for most people. 


A birth chart reading is an opportunity to explore where our challenges and struggles come from and why they are there in the first place. My role as your astrologer and guide is to help you see where life’s challenges originate and why they are there and help you navigate them.


While it often seems that life itself (circumstances, events, challenges outside our control, etc.) stands in the way of us feeling happy and fulfilled, more often than not, we stand in our own way. Many of us are not even aware that our conditioning and our beliefs influence how we feel about ourselves, how we view others, and how we view life itself. 


Simply becoming aware of your conditioning and beliefs alone is invaluable. You will begin to see them for what they are; you will see how they inform and influence your choices and decisions. The birth chart reading lets you know that you don’t have to be bound by conditioning or past patterns. Seeing this is the first step; it’s a doorway to discovering who you are so you can be free to be yourself and live your life aligned with who you are. 


While looking at our innate gifts, talents, and strengths is exciting, fun, and very much part of the birth chart analysis, I love to focus on areas where we struggle and face challenges. Why? Because when you are willing to explore these areas with an open mind and heart, curiosity, and compassion toward yourself, you have a fantastic opportunity to see your perceived limitations for what they really are. You discover that you are way more than our stories, personalities, beliefs about ourselves, identities, and labels when you do that. 


The knowledge gained through the birth chart analysis combined with guidance and self-inquiry leads to powerful insights that fundamentally transform how you see life and yourself. There is no need to fix or improve ourselves. We are so used to constantly seeing ourselves as lacking something or never being good enough. I believe that we are already whole, and the birth chart reading reveals everything that stops us from seeing that for ourselves. When your conditioning no longer weighs you down, you discover your potential and the different possibilities ahead of you.


The birth chart reading reveals your innate resilience and courage, attributes we may have never seen before in ourselves. Then step by step, we begin to live our lives by staying true to ourselves and living an authentic life where we feel lighter and capable of navigating through anything life brings with much more grace and ease.