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My Approach

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We feel insecure. We have doubts. We face all kinds of struggles in our personal and/or our professional lives and, even when we seem to have achieved all that we wanted to achieve, we might still have this lingering feeling that something is missing.


While it often seems that life itself (circumstances, events, challenges outside our control, etc.) stands in the way of us feeling fulfilled and at peace, more often than not, we stand in our own way. When I say “we”, I don’t assign any blame because it is not our fault. We act and live according to what we have been conditioned to believe about life and about ourselves since we were born. Many of us are not even aware that our conditioning and our beliefs influence how we feel about ourselves, how we view others, and how we view life itself. Much of it is completely unconscious, so an in-depth Birth Chart analysis is a fantastic way to make it all conscious! Instead of being gripped and bound by our behavioural or thinking patterns, we are now able to see them and explore them with curiosity and compassion. When our awareness expands we stop being victims of life and, instead, we become curious observers capable of navigating through any challenges with much more grace and ease. 


While looking at our innate gifts, talents, and strengths is exciting, fun, and very much part of the Birth Chart analysis, I love to focus on areas where we struggle and where we face challenges. Why? Because when we are willing to explore these areas with an open mind and heart, curiosity, and compassion toward ourselves we gain new insights and those insights transform our lives!


Seeing our conditioning for the first time and seeing how it manifests in our day-to-day is invaluable in more ways than one and during our time together you will discover it for yourself but, this fascinating exploration, doesn’t have to end here. It can become a doorway to discovering who you truly are that goes way beyond your personality, your identity, your challenges, your life story and your thoughts about yourself. 


When our challenges no longer weigh us down, then step by step, we begin to live more authentically. We feel lighter and capable of navigating through anything life brings with much more grace and ease and, when we are willing to go even deeper, we discover that we are way more than our personalities, our stories, our challenges, our identities and even what we think about ourselves. When this happens, self-improvement ends and true freedom begins freedom to make mistakes, freedom to feel all feelings and emotions without being consumed by them, freedom to have all kinds of thoughts but not being defined by them, freedom to follow natural impulses rather than “shoulds” and the ability to stay connected to what’s really true even in the midst of internal turmoil and/or challenging external circumstances. 


So if/when you feel like you’re ready to explore that and go deeper then this is what my One-on-One sessions are for. 



While I am always doing my very best to convey everything that I consider to be of most value during the two-hour in-depth Birth Chart reading, there is always more to explore! After all, we are looking at your entire life! I’m offering One-On-One sessions for those who wish to spend more time exploring their Birth Chart, discussing specific issues and who seek more guidance after the initial in-depth Birth Chart reading. The knowledge gained through the Birth Chart analysis combined with guidance and self-inquiry leads to powerful insights that can fundamentally transform how you see life and yourself. 


My One-On-One sessions are also for those who are interested in a deeper inquiry into the nature of who we truly are. So, whether you had a Birth Chart reading and you are feeling inspired to continue your exploration OR you didn’t have a Birth Chart reading but you are already in the process of realising your True Nature and you’re simply looking for some support and/or guidance on your journey then my One-On-One sessions are for you. 


An in-depth Birth Chart analysis is a beautiful way to learn about ourselves and our lives in a deeper way. It offers an incredible amount of information about different areas of our lives, our innate gifts and talent, and about our challenges. It helps us see and understand our conditioning; it shows us how, specifically, it manifests, and how it impacts our relationships and our personal and professional lives on a daily basis. 


I believe that every one of us is meant to feel fulfilled, enjoy life, and experience peace, yet more often than not, we don’t feel this to be the case. Instead, we deal with all kinds of challenges both internal and external.

About Me

My name is Maggie Gilewicz, aka Dr Maggie G. (mainly because most people have trouble pronouncing my last name, and I don’t blame them). I’m an Astrologer and Transformative Coach. I’m also a Sociologist and Author of the book “How To Make Sure Your Life Doesn't Suck.” 

I am incredibly passionate about Astrology. Hellenistic Astrology is at the core of my practice, however, I draw from other approaches such as psychological or evolutionary depending on what I believe will be most valuable and helpful to my clients. I see Astrology as an amazing tool through which I help my clients understand themselves and their lives in a deeper way by exploring areas of life highlighted in their chart, their natural gifts and talents as well as any challenging aspects that prevent them from thriving and living in an authentic way both in their personal and professional lives.  

A Birth Chart reading is an incredible invitation to view ourselves and our lives from a different, deeper perspective and, combined with appropriate guidance, it makes for a truly transformative combination.

I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of the term “coach”. I don't feel it reflects what I do. I see myself more as a guide. I help my clients make sense of the information revealed by their Birth Charts and offer guidance to help them navigate through any challenging aspects. I am particularly passionate about exploring how our conditioning and shadow parts show up in our lives because so many of our behavioural and thinking patterns are the reason why we struggle without necessarily knowing why! This is because most of these patterns are unconscious and my role is to make them conscious so they no longer cause us problems and unnecessary suffering. My work isn’t about fixing or improving anybody because I see everyone as Whole and the seemingly broken parts of ourselves as parts of this Wholeness. 


Both a Birth Chart reading and One-On-One sessions are a space where you and I will explore You and your life with no judgement, compassion and even a bit of laughter (sometimes a lot of it). Whether it is a Birth Chart reading or One-On-One sessions, my greatest intention is that our time together will help you fully embrace your humanness and discover who you truly are. 

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