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It’s debatable who actually said those words, but the above quote is commonly associated with Aristotle. I’d be happy to have my own name attached to it because they convey really well what I believe to be true!


Colleges and universities today (with a few exceptions) do not guide or teach their students how to figure out what they want to do in life, how to navigate through it, or how to design their life after graduation. They don’t teach them why their talents, passions, hobbies and natural inclinations matter or where their feelings and emotions come from so they can learn how to navigate through them. This is what educating the heart means to me and there is no reason why both educating the head and the heart cannot be combined.


I wrote a HuffPost where I talk about it more in-depth, and you can find it here:


What To Do About The Mental Health Epidemic Among Students? A Different Approach



I truly believe that the main reason why we are dealing with the mental health epidemic among college and university students today is because this kind of education is lacking. Thankfully, change is in the air and there quite a few amazing individuals there who provide who offer this kind of education to their students. They talk about it. They advocate it. They write about it. And, I have been fortunate enough to talk to some of them, for which I am deeply grateful because they inspired me to create my own course for college and university students, and I taught for the first time last year and loved it.


But what matters the most is that the students who I had a chance to teach both in London, UK and in Hanoi, Vietnam loved it too, and I was really blown away by their insights, their ideas and how willing they were to explore the subjects I teach.


Here's what some of them had to say:


“In the context of a business school where everyone seems to be focused on getting the best-paid jobs and the most respected job, I often felt alone when questioning the personal and spiritual aspects that go into a job. This workshop showed me I wasn’t alone - that many of my course-mates were grappling with the exact same questions and concerns. We took the time to seriously look at the big picture of life, not just a job or a pay-check


“If all I got out from the degree at Imperial was this workshop it I would feel relieved. I learned to better live with my feelings. I have always been very emotional, whenever I break down and cry because of an obstacle that upsets me I would feel shitty and pitiful about myself and wonder why it was happening to me and not to others. After the workshop, I learned how not to take my feelings too seriously. I know how to check in with myself and what to do. I don’t beat myself up for feeling low”


“I loved the high/low mood graph and see how we view reality in each mood. I know now that it’s just my thinking that causes my low mood and all I need to do is to notice that so that I don’t fall deeper into it. I was a victim of depression and attempted suicides. “Catching” myself early enough was a huge step to help me move forward and away from the black hole of depressive thoughts”


“Thank to these workshops I accept myself as a human being with my changing moods and shitty feelings. It all used to feel so heavy and like I was a weak creature trying to fight back. I feel much calmer now and knowing that others are also going through their stuff when they shared it in the class, I feel much less alone”


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“I learned how important it is to know my values and how my career should be aligned with them”


“It was a truly delightful and thought-provoking experience that provided me with actionable steps to take to help me on my journey. The discussions and tools provided throughout the course were of huge help for me. I would have been happy to sit even for 3 hours a week, so longer sessions would be great”


“I loved this course. It came at an important time of life and made me realize I’m not alone in my doubts. It gave me tools to navigate through the tricky times and Maggie’s positive, friendly and easy going energy allowed it all to happen. She created a space where we all felt comfortable and confident to share our thoughts and feelings. Really awesome”

I cannot even begin to explain what these words mean to me, but I'm sure they explain why I believe this kind of education is so important, and why I will be encouraging it, talking about it, doing it until it becomes a permanent part of college and universities curricula around the world. This is one of my big dreams, too!


My workshops for students are a little bit different to my workshops for everyone else, but not too different. I always balance out the things I want to convey with what the students would like me to talk about, explain, or explore, whether thats coaching, careers, spirituality, or mindset so I adjust and adapt the content and the activities accordingly.


Your geographical location will determine the length of the workshops. My workshops require a minimum of of 4 days. My first course was spread over 7 weeks , for 2 hours every week. This kind of arrangement was possible because this particular college was based in London, where I live. The course in Hanoi was taught over 3 days and I learned from this experience that three days wasn't enough! But wherever you are in the world there will will always be a few options we will discuss beforehand, together with all the other arrangements.


So if you'd like me to come to your college or university, please get in touch by filling the contact form below, or email  


Thank you!