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Updated: Feb 1, 2019

A conversation with Professor William Damon, one of the world's leading scholars in human development.

In this video I speak to Professor William Damon of Stanford University about finding purpose in life.

In this video we are shattering the myth that ‘purpose’ is something grandiose that only a lucky few can find. Professor Damon shares some insights which hopefully, will allow all of us to see that ‘purpose’ is something anyone can find, that it is not ‘a thing’, but rather the way we are and go about life, that it is a process and not a destination and that if you haven’t found it yet, it does not mean that you’re doomed to a less happy life.

We also talk about how schools, colleges and universities could and should encourage young people to talk about purpose and finding meaning in their lives, both professional and personal. We also talk about cultural messages and ideas about success, as well as, status seeking parents and how the two have a negative impact on young people who end up in places and careers ‘they don’t belong only to discover after some failure that their interest and potential are better fulfilled elsewhere’. Professor Damon underlines the importance of allowing young people to find their own path, their own careers, rather than pushing them to living the life based on expectations of others.

Professor William Damon is an author of a book ‘Path To Purpose: Helping Our Children Find a Purpose In Life’ and 18 other books. He is one of the world’s leading scholars of human development and a professor of education at Stanford University. He speaks regularly to public and academic audiences about contemporary trends in child development and moral commitment at all ages of life. His current research explores how people develop character and a sense of purpose in their work, family and community relationships. He examines how young people can approach their careers with a focus on purpose, imagination, and standards of excellence. His work is used in professional training programs in the fields of journalism, law and business. To find out more about Professor William Damon and his publications go to:

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