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Updated: Feb 1, 2019

A conversations with Eirik Olsen and Mara Gleason-Olsen, founders of ONE SOLUTION GLOBAL, an international non-profit dedicated to solving large-scale global issues by illuminating a new understanding of the mind.

Mara is also an author of a book "One Thought Changes Everything", which asserts a bold notion that every problem human beings face, whether, on an individual, organizational, or global level comes down to the misunderstanding of the mind.

There are to ways in which people go about solving problems. One, is by managing the symptoms. Second, is by getting to the core of what created the problem in the first place. The former, provides a temporary relief, and/or a temporary solution. The latter, provides both a sustainable solution and a true change.

One Solution Global is a very unique non-profit and everyone who's is interested in making our world a better place should know about it. It is unique because, Mara, Eirik and their team have been showing us through their amazing work on in Chicago (affected by gang violence) and in the Middle East that every problem we are facing today begins in the human mind and it is the human mind that holds the key to a true and sustainable solution.

To find out more about ONE SOLUTION GLOBAL click here

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