"All my life, I thought my happiness and
well-being have everything to do with
what I do, what I have, or with people in my life.
Boy, was I wrong!
But, I'm so glad I was."


Hi, thank you for stopping by! 

Here’s what I’d like you to know before you decide to hire me as your coach:

My coaching is for everyone, but not everyone is into my kind of coaching. Allow me to explain. 

Many people today are looking for quick fixes, instant change or they are looking for tools and strategies that will help them deal with their problems and their emotions. I believe that, to a certain extent, tools and strategies can be helpful but I do not offer them myself. I don’t do that because there are so many books and so many resources where anyone can find all kinds of tips and tools to choose from if they wish to. And, it is my belief that, while they may bring a temporary relief or a solution, they do not provide a true and sustainable transformation. Which is one of the reasons why there are so many self-help books and why people continue to look for more. I used to be one of those people! 

Until I realized that, when it comes to creating a happy and fulfilling life, no amount of tools, strategies, tips, and other people’s advice will ever give me what I was really looking for because, no matter how helpful they may be, they come from someone else! And the more I was looking for answers somewhere else the more I was disconnecting from my own inner wisdom! Transformative Coaching changed that and changed my life because it taught me that everything I need to know to create a happy and fulfilling life is already within me. It is an infinite source of information I can tap into and, more importantly, it is my own! Transformative Coaching taught me when and how to do that.

But, that’s not it! 

I always thought that my happiness, my well-being or peace of mind depend on what I do, what I have (or don’t have), or it has something to do with other people, or my circumstances. Whenever I felt low, anxious or depressed I thought I had to change something in my life or in myself. This is how I discovered all things “self-help”, and I soon learned that in order to change how I felt I’d have to follow some steps, apply various techniques or practice something, and do that on a regular basis. I learned that I could change my thinking or think positive. I could do some reframing or have some kind of spiritual practice. So, I gave it a go. But, none of it worked for me, which is not to say that it cannot work for other people. The idea that I’d have to do “something” for the rest of my life to feel happy or at peace didn’t feel right or sustainable. All of that changed when discovered Transformative Coaching. 

It completely changed the way I view myself, my life and my problems and because of that, it changed my life forever! I understood how my experience of life is created moment by moment and every day, where my feelings really do come from and why I don’t have to be afraid of what I feel. And ever since I have been able to experience more well-being and contentment, on a daily basis, than I ever thought was possible.

During our time together you will discover:

  • How you can experience more peace and well-being in your day to day life, regardless of your circumstances 

  • What really stops you from creating the kind of life you dream about

  • And if you are not sure what you want to create in your life, you will discover how to figure it out

  • Who you really are and what you’re really capable of

  • Where all the solutions and answers you’ll ever need can be found 


And more… 

Our time together is going to be your space, where you can feel comfortable to share and to be yourself, fully!

This year, I am offering a single coaching package to a handful of people. It includes 12 sessions. Depending on where you are in the world, our sessions will take place online or in person (if you live in London), and we’ll meet for an hour, every week over a 3 months period.


I believe that all great relationships start with a conversation! Let’s talk first so we can get to know each other. To arrange a free 45 min conversation please fill the contact form below. 

Thank you!