My book “How To Make Sure Your Life Doesn’t Suck: A Different Kind Of Guide To Navigating The Ups And Downs Of Life” is soon to be published, and my entire work, both with individuals and groups, will focus on sharing the content of my book.

I love working with groups of people, and I wanted my workshops to provide time and space for those who would like to explore the content of my book in-depth and to have a chance to ask questions, to reflect and to share their insights., I care very deeply that the atmosphere of my workshops is one where everyone can feel relaxed and comfortable to be themselves.

Music and lots of laughter are some of my workshop essentials.


The content of my workshops often changes and evolves as I go along. I pay a lot of attention to what themes the group is most drawn to, what sparks most interest and what they’d like to know more about, and I adjust the content according to those needs. I focus on what will be most helpful and of most value to you!

I highly recommend that you read my book first to see whether what I teach and how I teach it resonates with you. If my book sparks your curiosity and you’d be happy to know more, then you will definitely love participating in my workshops.

In case, you’re not planning to read my book, here’s what you can expect to be covered during my workshops:

  • Where our problems really do come from

  • How to find a solution to any problem

  • Where our well-being comes from and how to experience it more often

  • What it means to live life from “inside-out” and why it is the key to our inner contentment

  • What happens when we attach too much importance to our thoughts

  • What is the one and the only thing that prevents us from experiencing well-being and peace of mind 

  • Where creativity and great ideas come from and how to access them

  • How to make sure your life doesn’t suck

  • Where courage and confidence really do come from and how we can experience more of both

  • How to deal with failure and rejection, How to ask anyone for anything without freaking out

  • How to figure out what you want

  • Why we should all get really good at “crap detecting”

And much more…

The content of my workshops is also adjusted depending on where they take place and who they are for, and we will discuss it beforehand.

I teach my workshops over the three day period, in person and in a location of your choice. However, if you, your company, college or university are based in London, then my workshops can be taught on a weekly basis, for several weeks.

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And, if you’d like to invite me to teach my workshops, please get in touch by filling the contact form. Or email I will get back to you to discuss all the arrangements.


Thank you!