Small Group Coaching

"All my life, I thought my happiness and
well-being had everything to do with
what I do, what I have, or with people in my life.
Boy, was I wrong!
But, I'm so glad I was."


If you and a bunch of your friends or co-workers would like to spend three days exploring “How to make sure your life doesn’t suck” in a small, comfortable setting, whether it is your own home or a cozy space in London (or wherever you live), then this option is definitely for you. 


Over the three days together, we will explore a lot of different themes, that are universal and essential to creating a happy and fulfilling life, and we will spend more time on those which you’ll be most drawn to and those which you will want to learn about some more. 


Here are some of the themes we will be exploring:


  • Where our problems really do come from

  • How to find a solution to any problem

  • Where our well-being comes from and how to experience it more often

  • What it means to live life from “inside-out” and why it is the key to our inner contentment

  • What happens when we attach too much importance to our thoughts

  • What is the one and the only thing that prevents us from experiencing well-being and peace of mind

  • Where creativity and great ideas come from and how to access them

  • How to make sure your life doesn’t suck

  • Where courage and confidence really do come from and how we can experience more of both

  • How to deal with failure and rejection

  • How to ask anyone for anything without freaking out

  • How to figure out what you want

  • Why we should all get really good and “crap detecting”


And much more…


During our last day together, we will address any other concerns and issues that we may not have covered earlier, so that when our time will come to a close, you will feel more at peace, you will have more clarity, you will know how to navigate through life and challenging situations, you will be more aware of your true potential, you’ll know how to experience more well-being in your day to day life, you will be able to see yourself and your life with fresh new eyes, and you will be excited about your life and your future! 


And, then when you feel up for it, we will enjoy a glass of wine together and chat some more.


The price also includes a one-on-one coaching session with me for each of the participants. The price will differ depending on where you are in the world.


If this option sounds exciting to you, please get by email to, use the contact form below so we can organize the logistics.

Thank You!