This is not your typical self-help book. It was not written to stuff your head with more “to-do” lists, strategies, secrets that turn out not be secrets, “woo-woo” lingo you cannot understand or relate to, techniques we all eventually give up on, or calls to just “think positive” 24/7.


This book was written to help you look at your thoughts, your feelings, yourself, and your life in a fundamentally different way. It will show you how you can navigate through tough moments so you can experience more peace of mind regardless of your circumstances. It will help you re-discover who you truly are. It will show you why you don’t need to think positive and can still be all right. It will help you embrace your humanness. 


When you read it with an open heart and an open mind, this book is going to be a catalyst for your own unique epiphanies and insights. 


World-renowned coach and best-selling Hay House author.



I had a big epiphany. I cried.

This is the book you should read before you read self-help books. Believe me, I’ve read hundreds of them. Whether I read book to get me out of being “stuck,” unmotivated, depressed or unproductive, they all seemed to work. And then, in time, I’d spiral back to whatever inspired me to read them. 


I have been motivated by self-help books, and I’ve achieved goals using the tips I had learned. But, what I gleaned from How to Make Sure Your Life Doesn’t Suck is that, how I feel does not have to define or steer me. 


Also: How I feel, emotionally, does not make me less-than or a loser.


Because I had been a self-help book reader, as I was reading How to Make Sure Your Life Doesn’t Suck, I kept looking “for the tip.” I was relating to every word and every chapter as the author talked about how emotions can seem to cripple or hurt us. 


But, where was “The thing?” And then, when I got to a paragraph towards the end of this awesome read, she said, “If you want to make sure your life doesn’t suck - ,” I had a big epiphany. I cried. 


This book gave me permission. Permission to see my emotions for what they were and that I did not have to do anything about them. I’m human. I have emotions. And, I can get up, out of bed, every day, and do what I need and want to do, and that is enough. 


Jon David

Author. Podcast host.





There is a vast sea of self-help advice available on the market today.  Shelves overflow with best-selling titles from touted gurus in the industry.  No matter the issue, there’s a cure for what ails you.


But what if there was nothing actually wrong with you?


In her new title, “How to Make Sure Your Life Doesn’t Suck: A Different Kind of Guide to Navigating the Ups and Downs of Life,” Dr. Maggie Gilewicz offers a frank, pulls-no-punches approach to the pursuit of well-being. Like a strong cup of coffee with a good friend.  


Her book invites the reader into a conversation about the thought processes of self-worth rather than clinically outlining steps and procedures to “make yourself feel better.”  


In fact, Dr. Gilewicz suggests that it is most certainly okay to NOT be okay.


It sounds rather counterintuitive for a self-help guide to say it’s okay to not be okay, but through her congenial banter, Dr. Gilewicz explains an alternative perspective on dealing with those “not-so-okay” moments.  


The text comes across as advice from a caring friend rather than an academic dissertation.  As such, many readers may find it readily accessible and applicable to their own lives.  There are no daily exercises, nor suggested tasks other than an emphasis on realization and acceptance.


With a bit of light-hearted humor and clear, conversational tone, “How to Make Sure Your Life Doesn’t Suck: A Different Kind of Guide to Navigating the Ups and Downs of Life” by Dr. Maggie Gilewicz is a worthwhile read for those searching for a fresh perspective on life.


Melinda Taliancich Falgoust






I have one word for this book, one of many; Wow! 


There are many self - help books out there that tell you absolutely nothing about how to help yourself. Yes they promise the new life, the new way of doing things, but they never tell you that you have to do it your own way. 


Promises of a wonderful life if you follow their special guidance, become more spiritual or find a way of life that goes against your own natural living process, or worse still spend more money on their special programs, few self help books tell you how to actually be strong, and not be afraid to think for your self. 


They never truly help you to overcome one major aspect of your life, an aspect that can have you doing what you truly want to do, live a happy positive life. 


Maggie ....has written a self-help book that shows you...doesn’t tell you, it guides you how to think, yes think for yourself, to challenge without challenging yourself and most importantly to be true to yourself. 


More importantly Maggie shows you how not to be afraid of your negative thoughts, how to take the negative and use it in such a way that it gives you the strength to be yourself when everyone around you is screaming in panic and fear. 


Maggie has shown us that when your life sucks, it isn’t really sucking, it’s just your thoughts that are making it suck. You can take those thoughts and make your life the way you want it to be without lying to yourself and denying yourself that true balance. 


Buy this book! Stop looking elsewhere for a book to help you, there is no such thing, instead buy this book, a book that gives you the strength not to be afraid anymore of your thoughts. 


Buy this book and spend the rest of your life being true to yourself and not somebody else’s views. 


I loved this book, it spoke to me in many ways, it was as if Maggie had been reading my mind, she answered my questions and opened the door to finally realising the truth of it all. 


To think for myself without having to worry about the silly little thoughts causing problems in my mind.  

If you are ready to take back your life, to be as one with your thoughts and no longer be afraid, this book is for you. 

Richard Temple, Author.




Reading Maggie Gilewicz's How To Make Sure Your Life Doesn't Suck was a thought-provoking read applicable to everyone's life at whatever life stage. 


With practical examples and suggestions, Dr. Gilewicz's chapters flow nicely and help the reader rethink struggles, difficulties, moods, and stress from the "inside out."  


I especially love the idea of listening to the "crap detector" similar to your gut, but a more thoughtful and reflective way of digesting other's opinions and comments. 


Her ideas are applicable and very needed in the world especially as social media can be very disheartening, even destructive, to one's self-worth. 


Happy to have read this book at this point in my life and feel like I could reread this during difficult times or transitions and walk away with a more positive outlook on life!


Dr. Maureen Edwards 

Writer. Educator. Adjunct Professor

A different kind of guide to coaching, mindset, spirituality and life in general. 

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